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by Alayah Collins



You tend to waste unwanted time.

On things that you don't even get to buy.

Things that are just a dream.

Seems almost impossible to achieve.


You spend your wasted years

On bottled beers

And waste it on average careers

To only end up here


You tell me about your life

And how you wish you loved your wife

And how it cuts deeply like a knife

To know that you only married her so she can be your housewife


As you gasp for air

You began to glare

And try to pray that prayer

But you can't bear


You tell me how you wish

Instead of telling me you missed

The real potential

You did not think was essential

Alaya Collins is a student at Tuskegee University. A junior Biology major from Ellicott City, Maryland, she aspires to become a surgical oncologist and open her own oncological pharmaceutical company to advance cancer treatments.

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