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written and translated by Elizabeth Appleby



La terre,

Bouche ébahie,

Peau gercée

Crie sa soif.


Tous l’entendent,

Il n’y a pas une goûte à épargner. 


Chaque créature

Se traîne

Dans la poussière




Crie les dépouilles asséchées.


D’autrefois rêve la terre,

Peau brûlante et enfiévrée

D’où montait une vapeur suante,

Quand elle s’habillait tout en vert.




The earth,

Gaping mouth,

Chapped skin

Screams of thirst.


All hear her cry,

There is not a drop to spare.


Every creature

Drags through

The sun scorched




Cry the dried remains.


Of long ago dreams the earth,

Burning and fevered skin

From which arose a sweaty vapor,

When she dressed all in green.

Dr. Appleby is a French professor at Tuskegee University. In addition to her love for French language and culture, she is interested in other languages and cultures, such as Spanish and Japanese. She loves painting and other arts and crafts, creative writing, cooking, gardening, bird watching, playing the piano, yoga, and traveling. She enjoys feline antics and has two cats who are wonderfully entertaining. They have inspired several of her children’s stories.

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