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by Diamond Drayton


     What if the World Turned Yellow?                                                          


What if the world turned yellow?

Everyone's mind not so narrow

There would be no more green

Everyone's struggles are considered and seen


Thinking green only made the world mean

Corporate sees humans as machines

But what if the world was yellow?

Everyone would be happy


Yellow exudes warmth and happiness

Why do you think the sun is yellow?

It wants us to live in a life of mellow

Sympathetic, gentle, and settled


There's no issue with the color of Mother Nature

Green is more in my favor

But we're too obsessed with making green

And not being green

People are unable

To experience the fruits of their labor


The leaves and trees

Now a metaphor for greed

We no longer care for their health

Though blue and yellow is what they need


If we could come together

Like blue and yellow makes green

The ignorant wouldn't have the power

We have the pride and power to lead


So, what if the world turned yellow?

Would we finally come together?

Like little children frolicking like sparrows?


Your comfortability is not my responsibility

It's not my duty to make you feel good

I’m not here to be understood

I’m here for myself

My happiness, my purpose, my success

Doing it by myself


I'm the strongest person I know

Went through hell and back

Made a couple of foes

Don't gotta prove nothing to nobody

I’m happy with myself

Don’t need to put on a show


Not ashamed of the things I do

It's 2022, this ain't nothing new

I just grew into my own person

I got my own back

Don’t need a crew


I define my own character

I carved my own path  

Don't need the hype

Don't need a pack

Yea I'm beautiful, raunchy, and talented

And all of that


I'm about as real as it gets

Never an act

Don't need to be accepted

For somebody to appreciate

All I ask is to be respected

No need to negotiate


I am innovative, fantastically queer

A woman full of love

And so sincere

It's a shame that nobody can compare

At least not here…

But there's somebody out there

Whose love overcomes their fear

Diamond Drayton is a sophomore animal science major at Tuskegee University. She is the historian of the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) Club and a member of the Street Team. Her career aspiration is becoming a veterinary technician or a veterinarian.

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