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by Fatihah Quadri Eniola



All My Fun Friends Grew

too serious/ I dreamt of galleries/

went to see The Blink & they stuck

heads in book shelves// They forgot

they are fun friends// I remember

exhibitions// I kissed 16 boys inside

a session / wore my butterfly

perfume / got them in LLT/ brought

their shadows home/ Isaac held my

cheek & pear-opened it like a fruit//

Kelley said I am a crime// I sent

laughing GIFs on Fridays// Old

school/ all my fun friends were 1945/

all my fun friends slept inside a

book, all my fun friends cried in

everyone's dinner/ they wanted a

plate & got back to the tables//  Kris/

Irion/ Brandon were in Tech// I

fought with them/ gave them

crayfish in corn flour// I drew Grey

off the bunk// I threw her books/ said

that’s what you always want// All

my fun friends wrote The Final/ all

my fun friend got their A'/ all my fun

friends packing their things/ pointing

at me/ pointing at the books/ saying

only that will save you now!

* * *

Fatihah Quadri Eniola is a young Nigerian poet whose work has been featured in The West Trade Review, Agbowo, The Shore Poetry, Brittle Paper, Poetry Column NND and elsewhere. She is a nyctophobic gathering experience in Law in the best University in Nigeria. She tweets @fatihahquadri.


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