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I Love You


by Savannah Moore



A phrase so beautiful

So soft, so honest

So vulnerable, so kind

When we hear “I love you” 

We never question it

The first words you hear from your parents

The first thing you say to your first boyfriend

The best feeling 

The best things to hear

“I love you you’re so important to me”

“I would never hurt you I love you”

“I love you”

A phrase so honest

So soft, so vulnerable

So kind

A phrase we mean

A phrase we manipulate

A phrase that we use to abuse

“I didn’t mean it I’m sorry I love you”

“You know I would never hurt you I love you”

“I love you so much”

A phrase I used to love 

A phrase I hate 

A phrase you use to manipulate

A phrase you use to keep me to stay 

A phrase you don’t mean 

A phrase you don’t understand

* * *

Savannah Moore is a freshman psychology major from Oakland. California. Her favorite color is pink, she loves getting her nail done, and she loves to write.

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